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About Us

You, and Your Health are important to Us

We offer a new concept in Wine tasting. We bring the wine to Your party by joining forces with The Wine Therapist – our wine merchant and tasting room. (http://www.thewinetherapist.com)  And now, because of requests from our customers - we offer Beer Tastings, too.

Our company is dedicated to our customer’s needs and preferences and to improving their quality of life and well-being. That’s why we customize our Wine Tastings (and Beer Tastings) to Your taste and budget preferences. In Home Wine Tasting 4 You is located in the DFW Metroplex – and host In Home Wine Tasting parties by appointment throughout Texas, expanding our offerings as our customer network grows.  We will help you host a wine tasting party, a beer tasting party or a combo Wine and Beer Tasting party - It's up to you.

Wine, especially red wine (and dark beer) contains compounds called resveratrol. (see http://benefits-of-resveratrol.com/) This compound is a vitamin, a nutrient and an anti-oxidant. Esteemed news shows, magazines, reporters, talk show hosts and infamous interviewers have reported on the life prolonging benefits of resveratrol (60 Minutes, Barbara Walters, Rosemary Ellis – the editor of GoodHousekeeping Magazine on the Today Show, and by Dr. Oz – on the Oprah Winfrey show).

In addition, studies show that it fights the formation of cancer cells, fights diseases, help ward off Alzheimers, increases anti-oxidant levels to boost the immune system, and balance cholesterol - helping to prevent hardening of the arteries. (see our links page for more information).

There’s a prevaling trend in today’s society to improve quality of life – by improving health, reducing stress, looking and feeling younger and enjoying the simple pleasures in life more. Our company’s goal is to focus on increasing wine enjoyment and its benefits, providing wine education and helping our new friends reach their Wine Tasting and wine knowledge goals. Abe Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. We want to earn your trust and help you reach your goals by helping you create a future of improved health and well-being through an increased enjoyment of wine and beer.

And, bottom line: wine is good for you. Wine can help reduce stress (and we can help reduce the stress of Hosting a Wine Tasting Party) and help you increase your quality of life – call it Wine Therapy. Cheers!

Our Founder - Jeannine Jiral

Jeannine was born in Shiner, Tx (hence the Beer connection) - a small town in south-central Texas (generally known as the birthplace of Shiner beer).  Her family moved to Houston when she was 6, leaving the small town for greener pastures.  Despite growing up in Houston, her small town roots kept her and her family grounded to the importance of family and the importance of the simple pleasures in life.  The family even fermented many different types of fruit into a drink resembling wine.  She learned at a young age it requires a lot of technique and knowlege to create a truly enjoyable bottle of wine.

Graduating from the University of Houston, with a BBA in Accounting, Jeannine obtained her CPA license in 1992.  She has worked in the accounting and finance field for over 30 years, reaching positions of CFO. VP-Finance and Director of Finance at various manufacturing companies in the oil and gas, industrial products and medical equipment industries.
Her love of the ocean, tripical beaches and warm sunshine helped her determine her other great passions:  sailing, sailboat racing, rock, jazz, reggae, flip-flops, bare feet in the sand and wine tasting (actually wine drinking).
In 2007 Jeannine met her other great love in San Antonio while on a long weekend vacation with friends.  A year later (after the two of them traveled back and forth between Houston and Dallas every weekend for a year) Jeannine moved to Dallas to start a new life (all the while, missing family and friends left behind in Houston).
In 2010, Anew Creation Ventures was founded - dedicated to improving health, reducing the effects of aging and promoting the health benefits and enjoyment of wine.  In Home Wine Tasting 4 You is the trade style dedicated to de-mystifying wine tasting and wine enjoyment, while also sharing our love of beer.
"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years" (Abraham Lincoln).  Let us help you find your better life. 
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